Filippo ioco


By Karala B Wallace

Birth: Leuggern, Switzerland
Citizen: Sicily, Italy
Resident: Planet Earth

Filippo is an icon, to the initiated he is a role model and an inspiration, he is one of the most important and outstanding Body Painting Artists of all time. Filippoʼs work covers an extraordinary range of styles and concepts. iocoʼs work is groundbreaking across a diverse spectrum of mediums. A combination of experience, understanding, inspiration, innovation and courage that has kept his work in top demand for the past two decades.

Filippoʼs advertising portfolio contains some of the most successful combinations of Body Art for the media. With work that has been featured in music videos on book covers, television commercials and among numerous top-rated television shows including Good Morning America, The Travel Channel, Ripleyʼs Believe it or Not and featured on Larry King Live.

An incredible amount of Filippoʼs personal work explores gender roles and sexuality through the male and female shapes and how they are perceived.  iocoʼs work presents fascinating questions about gender and its role in modern day society. He has placed the painted human body in every imaginable environment from natural to artificial to express his ideas to the viewer.

For those fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of watching ioco painting a model live, the experience is tantamount to connecting with creation. These performances are spontaneous and dynamic. The documentation of his artwork through photography and video is eternal evidence of a long career of talent that continues to evolve today.

Filippo ioco is also an established Fine Art and Decorative Artist. ioco has worked with leading Interior Designers, the Hospitality Industry and Major Retailers world wide. His works have appeared in publications such as Metropolitan Home and House Beautiful as well as adorning the walls of television shows including HBOʼs Entourage, The Come Back, CSI Miami, Boston Legal and The Bad Girls Club.

Dedicating a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work for Aids Research, Breast Cancer, Children with HIV/Aids, Children with Deformities, Wounded Troops and their Families. Filippo ioco is renowned for bringing a philanthropic purpose to every project to which he is engaged in. Learn more at

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